The Common Purpose


The Common Principle

No Harm

Fulfilment is through realising potential, whatever that potential is. People find their potential by trying things, and selecting, for their greatest efforts, those they are good at. However, this realisation of potential must accord with the principle of no harm.

From the common purpose and principle of no harm comes the right way of doing things and from this way, human rights. The right way of doing things complies with the principle, the wrong way does not.

Cultures are a mix of the right and wrong ways, but until the right way is predominant, with the principle heeded, realisation of potential will be poor and fulfilment diminished.

Conversely, when the right way is the only way, and the principle always heeded, then the common purpose is universal and greatest fulfilment enabled.

To assess whether a situation is right or wrong return to the principle: fulfilment without harm to or from others. If a situation harms others it is wrong and needs to be remedied.

Why is the common purpose fulfilment? Fulfilment is the outcome of the essence of life which is to grow. Growth is life. Fulfilment is the realising of growth. Fulfilment is not just human purpose, it is the purpose of all life, to realise potential in each and every organism.

Why is the common principle no harm? No harm is the human principle, the learned principle, the humane principle. It has not been lived up to. Fulfilment is limited by the extent fallen short of it.

How is common fulfilment possible? Fulfilment or growth is possible because limited world resources are transformed into unlimited product via the unlimited contribution of human intelligence. It is intelligence, ideas, intuition and ingenuity that make limited resources unlimited and fulfilment for all possible.

What harms? Any act or situation that disrupts the fulfilment of potential is harmful. This includes the obvious harm of violence and theft, but also the harm of constraint and control, and the harm of unequal opportunity. No harm thus means freedom from violence, control and unequal opportunity. People must neither harm, nor accept harm, for fulfilment to be achieved.

The Right Way

The right way is to realise potential and find fulfilment without harming others fulfilment.

Fulfilment and the realisation of potential comes from people making their best contributions, from being themselves and realising themselves in their ideas and their product. This realisation is growth, is life.

Those who pursue the right way of fulfilment without harm are characteristically persuasive, tolerant, responsible, free and fair, because these attributes facilitate fulfilment without harm.

Pursuit of the right way breeds flexibility and the strength to see others points of view and attain win-win scenarios. Understanding the unlimited nature of human potential leads those who pursue fulfilment to see the world as an open game in which people act independently but without harm, so all can grow.

The pursuit of fulfilment without harm leads to free and fair markets, shared income, and democratic organisations operating in accordance with the purpose of fulfilment and the principle of no harm.

The Wrong Way

The wrong way is to harm in the pursuit of power and money.

Pursued power and money comes from exploitation and harm, from accumulating excess resources and expropriating the ideas and labour of others. This pursuit comes with great cost in wasted lives and damaged environments.

Those who pursue the wrong way of power or money with harm are characteristically coercive, intolerant, demanding, restrictive, biased, bullying, controlling and manipulative, because these attributes facilitate the pursuit of power and money.

Those who pursue power or money celebrate being hard and tough, firm and strong – attributes equated to inflexibility and aggression. These attributes lead to conflict and win-lose scenarios, scenarios they seek to create. Understanding the world as one of only limited resources leads those who pursue power and money to see life as a game with only winners and losers.

The pursuit of money or power with harm leads to unfair markets, massive wealth disparities, and monopolistic, non-democratic organisations pursuing power and money, ignorant of fulfilment and causing harm.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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The common purpose, principle and ways are the fundamental message to convey and are not time dependant. They form the basis of The Common Purpose.

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