The Transition

Society, economy and organisation are complex. Precisely what a conscious common purpose morphs our systems into is speculative.

To make progress towards common fulfilment, people need to question the current system and hold the purpose in mind. This book is part of that process.

The Common Purpose is intended as a stake in the ground to mark how far systems have come and to ensure they do not digress. It is also a statement of shared direction with ideas on the path forward. But it is not definitive. The details cannot all be worked out here.

The decisions on how opportunity and income is shared, so opportunity to contribute and find fulfilment is also shared, must be developed from the input of all people via the information systems constructed. More than likely these will not be fixed decisions, but transforming and transformative ones modified as society adapts and modifies. The ideas in The Common Purpose are transformational ones, not final ones; they are not the end of change.

Similarly, the common purpose of fulfilment is also individual purpose and can never be predicted precisely in specifics, as it is realised uniquely in every individual.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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The common purpose, principle and ways are the fundamental message to convey and are not time dependant. They form the basis of The Common Purpose.

[NOTE: This site, and The Common Purpose, have nothing to do with 'Common Purpose' leadership training in the UK or those that rail against them.]

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