People have equal right to be taken seriously when speaking seriously. To not be humoured or mocked, but listened to.

Everyone’s views should be treated with the respect and equality due every human, providing their views respect every human equally. Not having views and requests considered respectfully can result in substantial harm. Unfortunately, there are also any number of views that do not respect every human equally, and in fact, discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, belief, and more.

Some people will ask you to respect them while they harm you. But accepting harm from them is not respect, it is acquiescence, and disrespecting yourself. Real respect, for yourself and them, is to stand up to them, and be open and honest about the harm they do.

Universal respect is mutual respect. The call for mutual respect differs from the calls of ‘seniors’, ‘betters’ or ‘superiors’ for greater respect than the respect due everybody. Differential respect is unnecessary. No one deserves greater respect than the equal respect everyone is entitled to.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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The common purpose, principle and ways are the fundamental message to convey and are not time dependant. They form the basis of The Common Purpose.

[NOTE: This site, and The Common Purpose, have nothing to do with 'Common Purpose' leadership training in the UK or those that rail against them.]

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