An evolving market model that incentivises fulfilment without harm and ameliorates power and money with harm is the internet.

The internet encourages a non-patent, author only, intellectual rights model that furthers and sustains individual contribution in voluntary partnerships and open membership collaborations. People can become members of any project they are interested in.

The costs of online digital distribution and transactions are negligible. Popular newspapers and blogs can charge less than a penny an article and still cover the cost of distribution and production if tiny transaction payments are enabled.

In this market, promotion is free. Everyone can have a page promoting different aspects of themselves, and the services and products they contribute.

The danger to the online market is governments acting to protect profit-structured organisations over people. In this scenario, governments legislate the internet for organisations right to profit over the right of people to access and share content online.

Such legislation protects organisations’ profits and enables them to regionalise distribution and raise transaction and duplication costs to extract higher profits. Prices are forced higher, and to different levels in different regions, as corporations gain the right to prosecute through the courts people that trade or share any product the corporations claim a right to.

High prices reduce distribution of resources, information and product, curtailing further production and limiting individual contribution.

Protection against the regionalisation of distribution and pricing is needed to ensure that content is available to everyone at free and fair prices.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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