A shared base income obscures the market forces that lead people to take work which harms their fulfilment, realises none of their potential, and may physically harm them.

Market forces are often wrong or late. They do not directly reward research, thought, art, science, and many other forms of production not directly resulting in popular, packaged products.

Funding individual production with a shared base income means people are able to form organisations as equal members. It means they have some security to demand the flexibility they need to live the way that enables them to make their best contributions.

On welfare benefits the amount received is so little there is a powerful incentive to earn additional income without declaring it. A shared base income is retained when more is earned.

In the security of a shared based income, fulfilment is stronger than financial incentives. When people value fulfilment greater than money, they do not waste their lives for money to live them, they live them and the money comes.

The shared base income assists people to improve their situations and relieves the stresses that cause self-harm and dangerous drug use, activities that would otherwise damage fulfilment.

The signals of fulfilment are in what people find fulfilling and what is needed to further all people’s fulfilment.

The financial disincentives to fulfilment are reversed by a shared base income. With this income the incentive for each person becomes making fulfilling contributions. These do not require financial rewards, but may well result in them.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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