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The unlimited productive potential of ideas gives them enormous monetary potential. When the pursuit of power and money overrides the pursuit of fulfilment, then the development of ideas’ monetary potential overrides the development of its unlimited productive potential.

In this scenario, a few gain exclusive control of idea development and distribution in order to limit supply for their financial gain. This purpose is best realised within corporations of control and hierarchy, where people’s ideas are co-opted by the corporation in order for the owners to attain increasing financial returns.

Without intellectual exclusivity, with the voluntary sharing of ideas amongst all participants, there has to be cooperation and agreement for large tasks to be achieved. Organisations which do not co-opt the ideas of members have to be bottom up, democratic and participative.

Realising potential, by conceiving and implementing ideas, is fulfilling. Realising potential realises selves. This is fulfilment and growth. Realising potential, by making best contributions and growing, is true productivity. The current system, structured toward financial wealth for the few pursuing it most avidly, limits productivity and fulfilment.

For true potential to be realised the structure of the system must be altered to one where fulfilment is pursued. Within this system, ideas and products are shared according to what can be afforded. Some product will always be limited, as physical resources are limited. There will always be an income from these to share. But other products tend towards abundance. With the sharing of income, these products become almost free, as people can afford to provide them for free.

If financial wealth were not a prior need, then all people would be free to write their stories, build their theories, construct their inventions, design their houses, play their sports, and compete at the things they are best at. Fulfilment would be great.

Sharing knowledge and the earnings generated from trade generates a fulfilling spiral of increasing knowledge and productivity.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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