Fulfilment is control free when everyone (except dependants) are responsible individuals. There must not be harm or disadvantage to others. This does not require directly assisting others. However, assisting others directly may be pursued because it is fulfilling.

Acting without harm to others fulfilment allows others to find their own fulfilment, irrespective of direct assistance, because opportunities are equalised where fulfilment without harm is enabled.

Societies with control cultures are dominated by people who believe in controlling their own lives and the lives of others. They believe they have the right to determine how others should live their lives, as they wish to minimise the impact of others lives on their own or bend them to their own purposes.

Controllers will use any method to gain control over the personal decisions of others, limited only by what they can get away with. These include demands that others should conform their lives to complement theirs. If they do not get their way they resort to anger and rage. These rages may extend to violence. If they are in a position of authority they use this authority to get their way.

The first method for dealing with controllers is to avoid them, the second, to leave them; the third, is to actively reject their control.

But the first two are often not viable, and rejecting control is hard, requiring courage and determination. Rejections of control will not be accepted by controllers. They use guilt, pleas, accusations, tempers and rage to gain their way, and the worse have few limits on their behaviour.

In extreme cases, authorities need to be called to impose restrictions on controllers that refuse others rights. Where these are breached, prison restraints may be required. In places where there is no authority to intervene, fleeing may be the only choice. Where this is restricted, freedom is lost until a way out can be found. It is the duty of nations and persons living without harm to shelter those escaping control.

The control culture is self-sustaining: its insecurity breeds the new breed of controllers seeking security in power and money. Only shared security through a shared purpose of fulfilment without harm can dispel it.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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