While the prevailing purpose is the pursuit of power and money with harm, those in poorer nations will desire to enter richer nations, and those persecuted in dictatorships will desire to enter democratic nations.

When fulfilment without harm is integral to all nations' systems, everyone will be able to reside securely and safely in their home nations.

Open borders enable people to choose where they live. However, global open borders are not practical until all nations structure their systems for fulfilment without harm.

Security is a factor that prevents migration when those who seek to enter are in pursuit of power or money with harm.

When the freedom to live without harm is oppressed by violence and discrimination some people will try to flee. Borders should be open to those that understand and choose fulfilment without harm.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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The common purpose, principle and ways are the fundamental message to convey and are not time dependant. They form the basis of The Common Purpose.

[NOTE: This site, and The Common Purpose, have nothing to do with 'Common Purpose' leadership training in the UK or those that rail against them.]

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