The Common Purpose is a statement of purpose and principle and an outline of what these lead to.

The fundamental purpose is fulfilment. This is the purpose of life. Living is realising potential and seeking fulfilment.

This purpose should be self-evident. However, current systems do not promote it. The Common Purpose states it and explains it so it can be achieved.

Life is complex. In this complexity the simple purpose of life is forgotten. It needs to be recalled to guide the individual paths people take. If this is done, people may, much more clearly and progressively, work towards creating a society that enables it.

The common purpose of fulfilment requires the principle of no harm. This principle must be recognised for the purpose to be realised.

Fulfilment without harm can guide people in all their contributions, systems and lives. To be achieved, it must be acknowledged and pursued.

Understanding and acting in agreement with the purpose of fulfilment without harm is the right way of living. Living and acting in ignorance and contradiction to the purpose and principle is the wrong way.

The understanding that life is about fulfilment without harm, may be seen as simplistic or idealistic. But this understanding is needed to ensure society and the purposes of companies, governments, groups, communities, and individuals concur.

After stating the purpose and principle, and the right and wrong ways, the Common Purpose outlines what these lead to in economies, organisations and societies so people can recognise where things are and where things need to be. Finally, it outlines how change can be made. The first step is to recognise the common purpose of fulfilment without harm.


[Excerpt from The Common Purpose]


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The common purpose, principle and ways are the fundamental message to convey and are not time dependant. They form the basis of The Common Purpose.

[NOTE: This site, and The Common Purpose, have nothing to do with 'Common Purpose' leadership training in the UK or those that rail against them.]

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